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"The greatest teacher is the Self that lies within.
The greatest yoga teachers are the ones that pull away the veil of illusion and lead us to ourselves."

- Elan

Teacher Training- RYT 200
Discover your inner Guru.  Whether you are feeling the calling to teach yoga classes, or you are looking for a way to deepen your practice by discovering a deeper yoga practice than asana class, our program is a wonderfully rich way to immerse yourself in a life enriched by the practice of yoga. 

Our Next Program will begin Spring 2019:

We have 12 meetings through the program. Meeting will be on Saturday's & Sunday's from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Weekend #1: March 2 & 3

Weekend #2: March 23 & 24

Weekend #3: April 13 & 14

Weekend #4: May 4 & 5

Weekend #5: June 1 & 2

Weekend #6: June 22 & 23

Weekend #7: July 13 & 14

Weekend #8: Aug 10 & 11

Weekend #9: Sept. 7 & 8

Weekend #10: Sept. 28 & 29

Weekend #11: Oct. 19 & 20

Weekend #12: Nov. 9 & 10

Training subjects/overview:

  • How to teach an Ashtanga Inspired Hatha Yoga Class, and make it accessible to a students with special considerations:  Prenatal, older bodies & bigger bodies.
  • Sequencing yoga classes
  • Assisting & adjusting methods
  • Basic anatomy.
  • Refine your own alignment and learn to teach with a focus on healthy form.
  • Pranyama & Meditation technique and methods.
  • Subtle body anatomy: Anatomy of breath, the layers of the body (Koshas) and the Chakras
  • Teaching breathing techniques, meditation and mantra
  • History of Yoga and Vinyasa: Key Texts and Figures
  •  Yoga Philosophy: The Yoga Sutras- The eight limbs of yoga, the Kleshas, the Gunas
  • Living a Yogic lifestyle & Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Ethics of teaching yoga and the business of yoga

Benefits of our program:

  • Yoga Alliance certified program (RYS 200). Close to home!
  • Small training groups for lots of personal direction and support.
  • Our nine month program, meets on average every three weeks to allow you to easily schedule your training into your life.
  • Lowest price offered compared to other local programs (and because finances do matter we will price match any other local program (200 level) if they have a lower option)
  • Nine month payment program for convenience.

Required Reading and Media Materials: (Not Included in Tuition)
"The Yoga Sutras"- Translation and Commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda

"Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual" David Swenson

"Light on Yoga" B.K.S. Iyengar

"Teaching Yoga" Mark Stephens 
"The Key Muscles of Yoga" Ray Long

Crunch the Numbers:
Program Cost -$2800
Application Fee- $100 (non-refundable.  Included in total cost)
Pay in full- $2600 (Due at program start)
Payment Plan:

  • $100 due with application
  • $300 due on the first day of the program start month- 
  • $300 per month for 9 months (payment option)